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Transforming Schools, Communities, and Lives, by providing Lifelong Skills for Success

Maryland Conflict Resolution provides personalized, data-driven conflict resolution training, workshops, and programming to Educational Institutions, Youth-Serving Organizations, Employers, Government Agencies & Individual Clients

Our services are offered Remotely and In-Person in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area and beyond.  Schedule a free consultation by Zoom here.

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Let's face it, conflict is an everyday part of life. Conflicts will arise in our homes, marriages, friendships, workplaces and communities. The good news is that all types of conflict can be managed with effective conflict resolution skills.

Workshops & Events

We offer customized, data driven services for Youth & Adults

7March 2024

In this 4 week instructor led course will focus on the unique challenges parents face in raising pre-teen and teenage children.


In-Law Relationships can be very complex and varied.  Learn effective communication conflict resolution, and boundary setting skills to make improvement in these relationships. Offered several times throughout the year. 


We offer a variety of hands-on workshops and activities for your school or organization to engage youth while also  embracing fun. Our team is committed to providing an unforgettable learning experience that is both enjoyable and educational..= Options Include:

  • Conflict Resolution Game Night
  • Conflict Resolution through Literature
  • Peace through Art 
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